Edgerton House Episcopal Campus Ministry Building, Hanover NH

Built in the early 1960’s, Edgerton House is designed as a classic split level building. No significant work had been done on the structure prior to St. Thomas Episcopal Church’s expansion project. During the year that the church staff and Christian education classes could not use the church building, they shared Edgerton House with the campus ministry. Architectural renovations were preceeded by removal of asbestos floor tile in several rooms. To provide accessibility to the main meeting room, an exterior ramp was added at the rear of the building. One restroom was redesigned to allow for wheelchair access, and doors on the front entry level were enlarged. Upgrades to the electrical, telephone, and data systems, and repairs to windows, doors, and the roof, as well as installation of a fire alarm system and improved exit signage and emergency lighting were required. The kitchen was entirely renovated, and interior finishes were redone.

Project involvement: full architectural services.


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