Valley View Farm Barns Restoration, Deering NH

The property, a portion of a large farm which had belonged to the Owner’s family in prior generations, had more recently been a pig farm. Now restored to the Owner, it is intended as a vacation enclave for the extended family. At the same time, the land is continuing in agricultural usage. Portions of the existing barn complex were removed, and the remaining bays were repaired, reroofed and resided in 2009. The shorter wing became a rec room, with a balcony. The larger wing housed farm equipment, with an adjacent workshop. The tower was rebuilt as a second stair to the balcony and with a lookout room on the third floor to enjoy the surrounding views.   In 2014 the barns were lost to a fire.

Project involvement: Barbara Mehren Freeman: Architect of Record, Principal in Charge responsible for design.  Pamela Hanson: design development through construction administration team, Project Architect responsible for construction documents while with Mehren Freeman Architects.
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