Oakledge, Sunapee NH

The original 1970’s design for this unique property was by Delnoce Goubert, the architect and developer of Oakledge on Lake Sunapee.  Decades later, a garage and master bedroom suite addition was shelled in on the north end but remained unfinished until my involvement.  The owner wanted to enlarge and modernize the house for resale.  A six-foot addition onto the south end and a four-foot addition onto the east side of the kitchen provide a spacious area for cooking and dining.  The entire house was renovated, including new cedar roof shingles.  Walls and closets were removed or rearranged to open up the first floor.  The front, raised entrance originally adjacent to the living room was moved to first floor level nearer the garage.  The existing raised, second floor balcony above the entrance was lowered to align with the rest of that floor, all three bedrooms and baths were renovated, and an office space was added above the new entry.

Project involvement:  Architectural services for schematic design through construction documents.


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