Designing our Community’s Future, Together

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Pamela Hanson Architecture & Consulting, LLC provides coaching for organizations and institutions undertaking the planning and/or implementation of architectural projects:

  • advising non-profits requiring architectural services
  • mentoring educational and religious organizations in their building endeavors
  • consulting on building, life safety, and accessibility code compliance
  • providing full architectural services

You have questions.

     I can listen.

          Together we will create the answers.

"We know how much space we need for our program.  But will it fit on our site?"

"The roof is leaking.  Why do architects like these flat roofs anyway?"

"Our school is overcrowded.  But in this economic climate, how can we pass a bond vote for an addition?"

"Reducing our heating costs is critical.  Everyone talks about 'being green.'  What does that really mean?"

"We want to be welcoming and make our facilities ADA accessible.  Will we have to renovate everything?"

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